The urge with in me

My book consists of some analyses of my own person and the way i see the world through my experiences in everyday life. Having been raised in a religious environment has also given me an outlook on life and it’s pitfalls as well as the good things that came out of it. Religion is the staple of most societies and each has a way oi life to it and a promise for a heaven or a place that will give peace and an absence of any evil. Where freedom reigns and happiness is around us like a coat. Whether there are many ways to get there I cannot say but I am sure that most people think that their way is the one and only way. I will in no way dispute these facts because sitting in judgment over others is like walking in quicksand and in the end the results may still be the same.


Poems and stories for children

This work came about quite by accident but became a full-blown booklet for the enjoyment of all ages. I love children and to see them at play and hear the screams, mostly of delight, warms my heart. I am not a literary genius but in my own simple way did write what came into my heart, with all the mistakes that some may see in this booklet. I myself am a child at heart and in a way have never grown up and hope to be like that for ever



Poems and stories

As I had to do with people who were and are incarcerated I heard many a story about the heartaches and sorrows incarceration brings with it, especially those that had close family ties that because of their crimes were now broken and almost impossible to mend


Stories & Poetry in Motion

If you love children, watching them play and hearing their yells and screams that go with their chase can take you back to your own childhood. In his newest anthology, Peter Knoester writes poems that will take his readers back to those days of carefree play.



Religious Eye opener

The thoughts written down in this book may not be what an ordinary religious person has in mind; however, it may give some an enlightening as to the purpose of their being. This book is not to convert anyone, only to open a door trough which perhaps a ray of light may shine and so able come to an understanding of our life and the departure of same. I am no different than anyone else, and the question of the hereafter has been on my mind since I was very young, coming from a religious family. There is no doubt in my mind that we in the world are in a battle to death in which Satan has the upper hand most of the time, but we have an ally in Jesus, the Christ who will not forsake us, neither abandon us in our hour of need.



Poem and stories from the heart

Would that we could all write From the Heart and express our feelings as well as author Peter Knoester. His beautiful expressions in this moving collection of stories and poetry will touch you deeply, and will give you a better understanding of how we all face our challenges. Knoester writes both from personal experience as well as relating incidents occurring to those he has known. His impressions will stay with you long after you read the last page. Above all, Poems and Stories From the Heart provides the belief that no matter how dark things may look, there is always hope, and the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.”


Religious thoughts stories and poetry

It’s true enough that these my thoughts and opinions on things, are of a religious nature. But it is also true that in it are segments pertaining to everyday life, that in one way or another affect us all. I realize that it is an odd mixture, but then again, why not. The person reading this book can understand the different aspects of life and see things in a different light. The one hope I have is this, that through this book I may enlighten a few people and to make others aware that they are not alone in their thoughts or state of mind. It is not my goal to convert anyone to my way of thinking, only to open a door through which a person may enter in and see a different world other than the one that he or she may be use to. There is an urge in most of us to leave something behind after we are gone, to be remembered by, for me it are the things I wrote about, may it be to good use even if it is only for one person. I would like to dedicate this work to my wife Catherine who passed away on the 22nd of May 2003 and put up with me all those years.