About Peter Knoester

 Like my other books this one is also about my thoughts as they come to me and of course have their beginning from an very early age. I was raised in a very strict manner as my dad was a religious person who always had eternity in his mind not only for himself but also for his children. I had four sisters and one brother two of my older sisters have passed away so now I am the oldest. Why these thoughts and expressions come into my mind I don’t really know except that they come and go as a breeze on a warm day that refreshes a person at times. I have come to realize that a deep feeling of loss dwells within me and the search for a relieve or understanding is ever there.

I at times reread what I put on paper and wonder where it all came from and it leaves me in awe if that is the right word for whom am I to write this as i am an nonacademic person who barely passed highschool. In the late forties it was suggested by my dad that I should become an auto mechanic as so many of my friends had that in mind so I went to trade school